• About Us

    Our passion is to improve treatments for diseases. We are focussed on the next generation of bio-pharmaceuticals using molecular shields that offer prospects for increasing the persistence and bio-availability of therapeutics in the circulation with focus on autoimmune diseases and nasal and or oral delivery. The aim is to reduce risks and costs associated with disease management.

  • Mission

    Novel therapeutics for the treatment of diseases.

  • Platform Technology

    Cell Reserves Inc. is focussed on developing a molecular shield technology to increase the bio-availability of bio-therapeutics in the circulation. It is simpler, modular and practical. This platform also offers prospects for reducing dosing frequency, dose sizes and side effects. In addition, it offers prospects for nasal and or oral delivery and faster penetration of therapeutics into difficult to reach areas that are not readily accessible including solid tumors and tissues.

  • Pipeline

    Our current focus is new treatments for autoimmune diseases including myasthenia gravis, pemphigus, thyroid eye disease and related Graves’ disease, IgG4-RD, warm autoimmune hemolytic anemia, immune thrombocytopenia purpura, lupus, arthritis and various other related inflammatory immune conditions. We have identified proprietary ligand(s) that inhibit an important regulatory receptor involved in these diseases and conditions. The theoretical prediction is that our ligand(s) offer more precise and safer alternative than broadly acting known agents.

  • Partnering

    We are interested in strategic alliances to co-develop therapeutics for human and veterinary needs.

    For co-developing therapeutics, joint ventures and our molecular technologies or collaborations concerning our pipeline, please contact us by emailing sqs@cellreserves.com

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